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 A reminder of the dangers of the warming of the planet, the work by Dominie Chan consists of 3 melting blocks of seawater ice.

In the process, she also tries to add salt onto the ice blocks as an act to show the consequences of defying against the natural order. Eventually, all things merge into one.

Dominie Chan 的作品以海水結成冰塊,觀察其融化過程。

過程中,她還試圖將鹽添加到冰塊上,表現出違反自然秩序的後果。 最終,萬事萬物合二為一。


Our ocean is facing an unprecedented crisis. Since 1900s, many glaciers around the world have been rapidly melting. And it’s going to get worse. Human activities have become more complex in time and have been leading to serious consequences.

"We can’t stop rising sea levels, but we still have a chance to slow them down" Tamsin Edwards

Understanding the connection between human and nature is necessary, but most importantly, it is everyone's job to make the earth a better place.

自 1900 年代以來,世界各地的許多冰川都在迅速融化,而且情況會變得更糟。 人類活動是造成這種現象的主要原因。 我們身為大地的一份子,必須反思人與自然之間的聯繫。 讓地球變得更美是每個人的責任。

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