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The interconnection to time, nature and humans are things that matter. Therefore, the aspects of material and process are loaded with symbolism.


Seashells, corals, stones, water... Nature has left its’ mark with her own artwork. Dominie came to work with nature through understanding that human, nature and culture are inseperated.

In the processes of choosing, deciding, valuing, and believing, the sensorial experience of nature has been transformed into a tangible form and displayed via videos and photography; The interactions with nature and art practices reflect the flow in each other, to reveal the co-exisiting harmony between all things.

“How did it all start?” Because of this work now, it led her pursuing questions and try to solve the most sublime and awesome mysteries of the universe... or multiverse?

The act of destruction is also at the core of creation itself, it meant to represent where our planet born. Dominie broke apart the materials with a hammer and mortar, for making natural pigments as the “little particles” in order to create; resulting in a creation combining mankind and nature worked together. The destruction is something frightful but also something beautiful.




Dominie worked with layers that were made up of different types of rock pigments, and use the geological processes where she trys to use compression and scrape back part of the paint, then some heat treatments in her layered paintings to try to give this sense of things and reveal the marks underneath as a way to show the history of time and how our environment changed and came into where it is today.


The fundamental relationship between Dominie and the work of art as it originates from material experience in all its manifestations. The natural beauty served as a huge inspiration. By being creative to listen to and interact, which she wants to continue to open her heart to nature and explore.

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